About Us

Build for Belize

What do we do?

Sperro was founded in Toronto in 2014 by a group of friends that just wanted help people. Since then, Sperro has organized over 30 volunteer events in Toronto, in partnership with various other non-profits. Locally, we have worked to help Toronto’s homeless population, and engaged in environmental sustainability events as well.

Internationally, Sperro has organized projects in Honduras, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico. By partnering with local non-profits to determine how best to help people in need, Sperro has improved the health, opportunities and welfare of the people in these communities.

People who have volunteered with Sperro also testify that their lives have been greatly affected by these projects. They have visited places they would never have seen, and gained an amazing perspective on the world, and their place in it.



Want to join our team? Send us an email at sperroteam@gmail.com for vacancies.